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  • What is a good Travertine Shower and Floor Cleaner?
    Most likely your Contractor used a Quality Tile Sealer and we do not want to strip it by using harsh detergents.Miracle Professional Cleaneris a concentrated PH Balanced non-toxic formula that won't compromise natural finishes. You can use this on Travertine, Marble, Granite Counters, Quartz and Porcelain Tile. We leave Every Homeowner with a bottle.
  • I rarely take a bath should I pull the tub, what about resale?"
    There is no question Arizona Homeowners are opting out of bath tubs. One trend that is increasingly clear and important is that larger showers are taking center stage. Many master bathrooms have a large tub and a tiny shower. We pull a lot of these large tubs out and create a larger shower and it really makes a big impact. Should you sell your home many buyers will love the larger shower and this just might be the key to selling your home.
  • How to prevent Mold and Mildew in a bathroom?
    One thing all homeowners should do is turn on the bathroom fan or crack a window when taking a shower. Mold prevention begins at shower installation. The substrate should be built using materials for wet locations and finished with an anti-mold and mildew waterproof membrane. The shower should be water tight before tile is even installed.
  • How to maintain Travertine Floors?
    Through experience we have found the very best method of maintenance is to use a simple dust mop or vacume (without beater bar). Clean spills and sticky messes that happen on the floor with a damp cloth. Travel to any European cathedral and you will see the results of hundreds of years of use without consistent mopping. That is the real beaty of Natural Travertine Flooring.
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