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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Discover ideas and designs, explore pictures online and in magazines and get inspired for your own Phoenix Arizona bathroom or shower remodel. Found a specific design online that you absolutely love? We can replicate the same high-end design at a price point well below what you’d pay for the services of an interior designer. Look at our Bathroom photo gallery and visit Houzz website for bathroom ideas. Remodeling a bathroom can go a long way toward making your home much more enjoyable and valuable. What we want to do is be smart - to invest our money wisely in the things that really matter. Then move forward with incorporating the stuff you really need to make your bathroom function - and saying no to the rest. Here are a few things to consider when planning your remodel:


A place to rest should not be an afterthought. A shower bench seat is a comfy place to relax. For an extra small shower where you don’t want to have the seat permanently taking up floor space, consider a a stand alone bench. Consider a floating bench seat if the design allows or a corner bench seat.

Linear Floating Shower Bench Seat

Vanities. If your home is more than a couple decades old, your bathroom vanity is likely 30 inches high. While that height can be great for smaller children, it really doesn’t work for adults. The standard now is 36 inches. If a 36-inch vanity is too high for you, and you don’t want to invest in a custom vanity, consider a floating one. These can be placed at just about any height you’d like. Just make sure to have enough support in the wall so that the vanity can easily hang without coming loose so the best time to do this is during a remodel. You can save money by purchasing all in one vanities that includes the top and sinks this saves time and money. Of course if you prefer semi-custom bathroom cabinetry then we can help you with that. See what we have to offer. 

Is that new big tub really necessary?

For many years Phoenix homeowners have been told that they have to have a “garden tub” in a Master bathroom. It didn’t matter that no one would ever use it. And cost of the tub and the space needed didn't matter. Today, people are realizing that don’t need or want that big garden tub. If you’re a bath person, ask yourself if a standard size bathtub will do in the hall bath.

Water, Shower Experience. Today’s showering experience has almost unlimited possibilities. Standard shower heads are just a starting point. There are body sprays, handhelds, rain heads and more. Keep in mind that each of these items will increase the cost of your project, as each will increase both your rough plumbing costs as well as your fixture costs. And while you’re at it, plan out the location of each of these elements. For example, consider placing a standard shower head up higher on the wall if you’re tall. And if you plan on having a shower bench, why not make sure the handheld can be used while you’re shaving your legs? Consider placing the mixer valve near the shower entrance. (If you only have one shower head BRG will raise the shower head if needed at no extra cost.)

Shower body sprayers

Do you need or want shower glass doors. You can add a wall, half-wall or pony wall with a glass panel or no glass at all (The new wall is a good place for shampoo niches to keep your shower always looking clean and organized). With a typical shower head you need a good size buffer zone to keep water in but with a fixed shower head or rain head with extension arm like the one seen in the picture you reduce this to a three foot area leaving you with the option of open shower keeping the water inside the new AZ shower.

Tub-To-Shower-Conversion Phoenix, AZ. If you’re thinking about Bathroom remodeling projects for 2018, the master bathroom is a great place to start! Bathtubs are still common in homes, but today, 4 in 10 homeowners are choosing to skip the bathtub for a more design-friendly and spacious shower. Bathtubs can be difficult to step in and out of, and walk-in bathtubs are expensive. Whether young or old, a walk-in shower is easy to use for everyone! With a tub-to-shower conversion from Brower Remodeling GRP, you can have your bathroom customized to fit “your” needs.

Grab on for safety. Whenever I think of grab bars, I imagine hospital bathrooms. But these really useful and terrific safety elements don’t have to be afterthoughts. There are many designs that are quite striking. This should be done during remodel to provide adequate blocking in the walls. These are not the kinds of elements that can be attached to a wall with a plastic anchor. You’ll want to make sure they are securely anchored into something solid so they will last for years.


Where to put your shower products. No need for plastic hanging shelf's for your shampoo bottles. When remodeling your shower or building a new one don't forget about Niches and built-in corner shelves. This is a custom look Brower Remodeling GRP does and it really does not cost much from us. A shampoo niche should be tall enough for your large bottles. More Arizona homeowners are asking for Linear shampoo niches that dives into the wall.

 Shaving your legs in the shower. Don't want a shower bench or seat we can install a foot perch that makes it easy to shave your legs.



Don't forget about Hooks, Towel Bars and the T.P. Holder. Seems that the placement of these things, always a necessity, is the last thing to be considered.  So when planning your project, think about where the hooks, towel bars, toilet paper holders and the like will go and we will install these new elements during your remodel at no extra charge. If hooks are going in the shower we will prepare the wall with blocking for a secure install.


We work with our customers: 

Some homeowners like to purchase their own bathroom shelving, mirrors, lighting, vanities, toilets and accessories to be installed. Customers may purchase their own plumbing mixer valve/shower trim kit and faucets. (Since BRG warranties installation of these plumbing fixtures we limit the brands in which we will install. These brands are Moen, Delta, Kohler or Grohe for mixer valves - trim kits and faucets.) These fixtures and accessories must be on hand before your bathroom remodel begins or we would not be able to meet our deadline. Most of the time painting is done by the homeowner to save money or just because they like to paint.

Linear Shampoo Niche the dives into the wall.
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