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Success of Arizona Bathroom or Shower Remodel Starts with Quality Installation.

What you get with Brower Remodeling GRP is Peace of Mind. That calm feeling that you’ll get when you realize that you made the right decision. You chose a contractor that cares about quality and has followed all the proper guidelines and regulations to ensure your Phx, Arizona remodeling experience was nothing less than top-shelf. Contact the “Specialists” at BRG. Call (480) 430-1697


  • ​Waterproofing showers and tubs correctly is the most important interior moisture-proofing you can do, and perhaps the one most often done Wrong. When we remodel a shower or bath …. We make sure it is water tight PRIOR to tile installation. We use the most advanced products and do Not cut corners no matter what.  Most mold and mildew is caused by improper substrate used and improper sealing of substrates and not the tile itself.


  • Gypsum board, or “green board” is not allowed in some jurisdictions because it has not proven to be reliable - Arizona still allows it. A better solution is a cement board (substrate) designed for wet locations that has built in anti-mold and anti-fungal properties. When a cement board is used, screwing it to the studs and careful sealing all penetrations and seams is Very Important (this is not required by state code but this is what we do).

  • After all penetrations and corners are sealed we apply a waterproofing and crack prevention membrane for tile and stone installation. It reduces crack transmission in ceramic or stone walls, and meets NSI for waterproofing membrane (this is not standard practice but this is what we do)


  • The proper thin-set for adhering Tiles to walls is very important and is a common mistake. You must use the correct thin-set for the type of Tile being installed on Bathroom walls.


  • We use an advance anti-fungal and mold grout and instead of mixing our grout with water we use an admix that seals the grout all the way through which means no resealing your grout once a year like conventional grout.

Phx, AZ Shower Remodel waterproofing

We Pledge to Respect Your Home!

We will make sure your home stays CLEAN. One of the main reasons home remodeling has a negative reputation is because all too often your home is left messy or in dusty condition than before the remodel by companies who view your home as a “jobsite”. We don’t. We understand your home is your pride and joy, and we will treat it as such. We will take the extra steps to make sure it is protected before we begin installing your new bathroom, and we will clean up Daily and completely after the installation is complete.

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