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Some Phoenix area Bathroom Remodels are Quick and Easy. You’d be surprised at the “bang for your buck” you can get if you don’t need to relocate any plumbing and you don’t want to move any walls. Utilizing the eye of a master contractor (that’s us), and working with the “bones” of your existing bathroom, most clients are able to achieve stunning results with a complete budget-friendly bathroom renovation in a week or less.


If you’ve got a vision that’s a little more involved, that’s where Brower Remodeling GRP really has the opportunity to shine. Found a specific design online that you absolutely must have? We can mimic the same exact high-end design at a price point well below what you’d pay for the services of an interior designer.

Best Value Bathroom and Shower Remodeling in the Phoenix, AZ area that will last a lifetime.


We install Travertine, Marble, Slate, Ceramic and Porclian Tile showers. We choose not to install Acrylic or cultural marble surrounds. When we remodel your shower big or small it will be custom and less expensive then the quick fixes and only takes 4 - 5 days depending on the size. Don't get caught up with 1 day installs that are expensive.


"I was getting expensive quotes for low-end cultural marble showers and BRG built us a custom tile shower for the same price! We couldn't be happier. Thank you again"~Jack.M. Peoria, AZ

Tile VS Cultural Marble

We Value Your Business!

The Best Compliment is getting a Referral from friends and customers, like you.

We believe that positive references are the best possible indicator of our delivering on our commitments and value; and we encourage our customers to participate in our Referral Program, where you can not only help your colleagues, friends and family find the best value in Phoenix Bathroom remodeling, but you can also earn a reward for yourself! ($100 for every customer we contract with) Go ahead and splurge on those luxury towels.

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